Natie is an artist from Reunion Island

She envisions music as a language, where genres become different lexical fields to build deeper self-expression. Raised by a Spanish mother and Reunioneese father, Natie grew up surrounded by music ranging from that of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to Lakshminarayana Subramaniam—the acclaimed Indian violinist—in the home. The cultural diversity of the island remains a key component in her artistic development.

Natie began playing the violin at the age of 6 at the Conservatory of music of Reunion, where she pursued classical studies. Through her father, a jazz musician, she was introduced to the world of improvisation and fusion from a young age. At 18, Natie moved to Australia and completed a Bachelor of Music at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Since relocating to New York City, Natie has collaborated with bands and artists of a broad spectrum including The Sketchy Orkestra, Kennedy Administration, and more recently Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Upcoming projects include the release of her debut EP “In The Key Of Fall”.

Through the process of exploring different pallets and colors, Natie aims to develop her own voice that can move and unite people regardless of their background or culture.